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after how many days after getting infected by virus of herpes zoster or chicken pox a man fall ill ?

i want to know that after getting a virus injected in your body or getting contaminated, how many days can pass without appearing disease symptoms ? Is it true that once after falling ill by chicken pox , it does not repeat whole life ?

No that is not exactly true. Once you have herpes you can either experience out breaks through out your whole life, or you may only get one out break then your immune system can force the virus into dormancy. There is nothing to that will control when or who will get out breaks, unless you use suppressive therapies.
Herpes can show up as little as over night or it can take months even years to build antibodies and show symptoms.  (+ info)

15. The nurse is preparing to send a culture for a patient who has a possible herpes zoster infection on?

the chest. Which action is appropriate?
a. Rupture one of the vesicles and take a specimen from the center of the lesion.
b. Aspirate a specimen from one of the bullae with a sterile 27-gauge needle.
c. Take a specimen by swabbing the infected area with a sterile applicator.
d. Obtain aerobic and anaerobic specimens using the appropriate culture materials.

how about studying yourself for the impending exam,instead of getting others to do your work for you!  (+ info)

How 2 reduce pain after a attack of Herpes Zoster on rt forehead which damaged my right eye also?

My wife suffered withHZO on rt forehead affecting her eyes also. Herpes is over and eye is improving. She can not tolerate normal light in her rt eye.Pain on her rt forehead is stabbing/shooting and she feels as if there is a stone in her head, above the eyebrow. Is there any remeady? How much time it takes to recover?

Is she on anti-viral medication?  (+ info)

What is the methods of infection if my father got Herpes Zoster? i never got chicken pox read details?

father got Herpes zoster and actually he got it several days ago b4 he went to the doctor so i wanna know if iam infected and so as my brother 6 years old iam 15 my Brother always sticking to my father so i wanna know if he got infected so what is the methods of infection example EXAMPLE(if it is by touching the body)?????
i got vaccine of chicken pox me and my brother but still wht to do to prevent infection

Shingles is latent chicken pox virus that has been dormant in the nerve endings until it was activated because of another infection of some kind. Your father may have some other health issue that is not yet diagnosed. Do not touch the shingles or the fluid that they produce either on clothing or on you father. Shingles are extremely painful and even after they heal can continue to hurt. So try not to annoy him or surprise him anything that may aggravate him will cause them to hurt intensely. If both of you have a chicken pox vaccine you will be ok. You may be able to get a shingles vaccine but I think your brother is too young to have it.  (+ info)

Can you get herpes zoster on your genetials?

Someone told me this was the kind of genetial herpes they had but i looked it up and it came up as shingles. So can it affect you genetials? And does it reoccure?

once you have the virus it is with you for life. it can break out when your immune system is low.  (+ info)

what is the best treatment for a post herpes zoster scar?

a 34 year old female had herpeszoster on the face next to the nose 5years ago and developed a hyperpigmented irregular depressed scar.what is the beest option and do i have to start an antiviral while treating the scar.

Try using vitamin E and breaking open the pill and rubbing the oil on your scars about twice a day. Or eat Mangos and rub the skin on your face. Good luck.  (+ info)

What is herpes zoster and how does it differ from the childhood disease, chickenpox

I've had it, and trust me, it sucks!

'Shingles'--as it is usually called, consists of sores and a rash that trail along a single nerve. In my case, they went along the middle of my back edging towards the side. That's definitely the major difference between chicken pox and herpes zoster...it's only in one place vs. all over.

The way the doctor explained it to me was this: After you get chickenpox, the virus--instead of just disappearing from your system-- stays dormant. This virus can be triggered by anything that weakens your immune system, like illness, (or in my case, stress) and well, before you know it...Shingles.   (+ info)

What phylum/kingdom does herpes zoster (shingles) belong to and what type of organism is it?

  (+ info)

will giving antiviral agent like valacyclovir later than 72 hours upon start of herpes zoster still effective?

It may, and it may not.

Valacyclovir, for herpes zoster, should actually be taken within 48 hours of the onset of a rash to be most effective, though the clinical studies performed started treatment within 72 hours (*info on the package insert)  (+ info)

How can I put a stop to recurrent herpes zoster (shingles) sores?

simple use L lysine 2 grams 2 times per day, the mechanism is that herpes virus uses an amino acid Arjininne to reproduce and the amino acid Lysine is an Arjinine antagonist meaning it competes for absorption in the body this causes the arjinne to be flush from the body leaving the virus with nothing to fed on controlling the infection ,It works well but is not a cure  (+ info)

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