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do i need to stay home because of herpes zoster?

i start school again next thursday and i really dont want to go back because of these ugly blistery things on my face. do i need to stay because its contagious?

herpes zoster is unsightly, but it is not a reason to stay home, it is not chicken pox (as the previous poster indicated) it is a result of having had chicken pox at one time, then the virus mutates and lives in the nervous system, it then expresses itself as small blisters and sores on the lips or face. It is transmissable thru kissing or oral sex, but I doubt you'd be doing that in school. So, suck it up, stop being so obsessive about your appearance and be more concerned with getting an education.  (+ info)

What kingdom does the virus Varicella-Zoster Virus(VZV) belong to?

alsooo i need what phylum it is in too.

Virus do not belong to the 5 kingdom of life classification. Viruses are not defined as a living organism therefore they do not belong to a kingdom or phylum.  (+ info)

What is the difference between shingles (herpes zoster virsus caused by chicken pox) and herpes?

My 18 year old son was recently told that he has herpes although he has never been sexually active. He has a rash on his upper leg that circles his entire upper leg.

He has shingles, which is herpes simplex and it is not caught from one person to another. However, you do need to stay away from anyone who has not had chicken pox or the shot. Shingles is caused from being stressed out and very upset to the point that a nerve comes to the surface and literally burns out which causes the red rash. It is very painful and it circles the area where the nerve goes and then ends. He can get it again if he is subject to being nervous or upset. I have had shingles so many times I now have permanent symptoms in my face, which is numbness and tingling. The sexual herpes is a different type altogether and is caught from one to another and cannot be cured. There are medications for shingles, but they do not do too much for the problem. You just have to wait it out. The symptoms usually last up to four weeks.  (+ info)

I am 2 days late and I had intercourse last month around the time I was ovulating and sine then I been peeing?

Like crazy and I been having head aches too.but I don't kno if im pregnant cause I didn't take a pregnancy test or am I gonna come on at the end of the month cause sometimes I do but im hoping I am.

wait it out and take a pregnancy test. it sounds like you might be pregnant, but until you test you cant know for sure. good luck though!  (+ info)

Has anyone heard of varicella zoster virus?

My daughter has something going on with all the same symptoms. She has been to doctor & they have no idea. She's going to doc in a week & going to show him what we found. Just wondering if anyone else knows anything about this & how to deal with it? All help appreciated.
My daughter is 23 years old & had chicken pox when she was about 4 years old.
She also had mono at age 5 years old.

  (+ info)

Don't you think that most people are acting really stupidly about Sine Flu?

I mean, 40 people get swine flu and half the world starts to wear masks. But millions of people have AIDS or any STI or have an unexpected baby and still people don't care to use protection.
Just realized I spelled swine wrong. Oops.

  (+ info)

Can anyone interpret varicella zoster lab results?

I got this test done among other tests to identify any fertility problems. My value was 2.86, but I have no clue what this means. Anyone knows how to interpret this? Thanks!!

This is exactly what it said:

Your Result

That means that you had previous chicken pox infection. Your antibody (IgG) will never turn negative. Varicella belongs to the herpes virus family. Once you have it....you will have it for life! Beware.....you might get shingles in the future.  (+ info)

What are sine eye makeup tricks for BIG bright blue/grey eyes?

I have big icey blue/grey eyes and I need to know what colors would look best on me .
I have bright blonde hair, fair skin and freckles. I have real long eyelashes too. (:
Plus, is there any eyeliner tricks to make my eyes appear smaller?
Thanks! : )

hun! girls would kill to have big eyes and long eyelashes! haha but some tips for make up tips for plue eyes are going with the creams and browns and touches of a darker brick rose color. Do the smokey eye with these and it will look great. A tip for eyeliner is to not do it all around you eye just on the outside corner (make a < and > on the botttom and top). It give your eye a longer sliming look instead of a full on big eye look.

Hope this helps(:  (+ info)

Herpes zoster neuralgia, what is the best treatment?

My dad has it on one side of his head, very uncomfortable. Any treatment you have tried?

antiviral medication prescribed by an MD and pain meds during the acute phase. I have seen Neurontin ordered for lingering pain after acute phase  (+ info)

i have a lumb thing inside my vagina im a virgin and ive noticed sine i started masturbating a few years ago?

should i be worried?is it normal? please help?

its called a cervix its normal  (+ info)

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