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How long do you need to take off work if you have Herpes Zoster a.k.a. Shingles to get better?

I went back to work almost immediately and work in a very stressful workplace. I think that I am might have made a mistake by going back so quickly. Boss's are understanding at first but when they need you there and they are too lazy to do things on their own all reason seems to fly out the window. What is a reasonable time to give yourself to get better. I was diagnosed July 7th and went to work three days of that week. And now am here at home waiting for the urgent care to open up to try to get a doctor's note.
I guess what I am really looking for is how many weeks or days should I ask my M.D. to write me a note for? What is a reasonable time frame?

Even after you are no longer contagious, you can remain in discomfort or pain for a long time. My father had it and his was actually inside ( no blisters on the skin just a big long welt ) and lasted for 9 months. He had alot of pain with his. Everyone is different and you should discuss your symptoms with your doctor and let him tell you how long you may need to be off work. Some people, after the contagious stage is over, has only a little discomfort and doesn't have to miss any work.
I wish you a speedy recovery.  (+ info)

Does the pathogen Varicella Zoster Virus affect other animals other than humans?

No. Humans are the only source of infection for this highly contagious virus.

Varicella zoster, the causative agent for chicken pox, is a member of the herpesvirus family. There are different herpesviruses that cause disease in other mammals.  (+ info)

Where can I find out about psoriatic arthritis sine psoriasis?

Here is a good site.

http://arthritis-symptom.com/Psoriatic-arthritis-symptoms/index.htm  (+ info)

What do shingles Herpes Zoster look like?

Do they look like chicken pox and real sore? Can they also go in your scalp? What do you do other than go to your dr?
Do they look like chicken pox? hurt and then scab over and leave a scar. How long does this last? Do they go on your upper arms and shoulders and back. Itch?
Do they look like chicken pox? hurt and then scab over and leave a scar. How long does this last? Do they go on your upper arms and shoulders and back. Itch?

I had them, small blisters, if they leak I think they spread, I had them on the face and on my head, took about 10 days for the blisters to go away, though I stayed in severe pain for 3 months.  (+ info)

sine most women carry low when having a boy, should i expect my hips to get bigger?

They didn't when I had my girls.Just curious about others experiences.
I meant to write Since not sine

Actually I'm having a boy and I've been carrying out. I've been told I'm all baby. I originally have big hips anyway. I had to wear size 13 pants and I weighed 135 lbs at 5'11". My hips did widen a little bit but not too much. I can still wear some of my regular pants and I'm 34 weeks measuring 2 weeks bigger. It all depends on the person and the build. This is my second. With my first my baby bump looked like it wrapped ALL the way around me. I gained 75 lbs with that one as with this one I've only gained 45 so far and pretty much stayed where I am. Hope this helps.  (+ info)

How long till i get sine definition on my body?

If i follow this workout schedule:

I will use 10 lb dumbells and have an Iron Gym pull-up bar.
I also eat healthy and eat for muscle nutrition.
Btw im 14 5"6 and 120 pounds

  (+ info)

what is the methods of infection if my father got Herpes Zoster? i never got chicken pox read details?

my father got Herpes zoster and actually he got it several days ago b4 he went to the doctor so i wanna know if iam infected and so as my brother 6 years old iam 15 my Brother always sticking to my father so i wanna know if he got infected so what is the methods of infection example EXAMPLE(if it is by touching the body)?????
i got vaccine me and my brother but still wht to do to prevent infection

  (+ info)

Is this a sine that my periods coming?

The other day I had bad cramps.
Now today when I wiped myself
I saw brown spots, and it was a
brownish color, I had this before too.
I did hit puberty I do have boobs, Public
hair, and Oder's. Im also 13. Thanks.
I so forgot! When I woke up
my under wear was wet! And
I had the brownish before too.

Spotting and brownish or yellowish discharge are indeed a sign that your period may be coming. If you want you can wear pantiliners to keep your underwear fresh and clean while you are getting this discharge and maybe keep a few pads in your backpack in case you get your period while at school one day.  (+ info)

Does someone with herpes zoster (shingles) have to be placed in reverse isolation?

I had a nursing exam today and this was part of the test! It was one of those questions that you had to check all that apply. I can't find anything about this in my textbook! Thanks for any help!

My guess (and it is just a guess) is Yes, a person with shingles would benefit from reverse isolation.

Shingles present themselves in debilitated people, or those fighting infections, for example.

Visitors should wear masks, to help prevent the already weakened patient from receiving more bacteria to deal with.  (+ info)

in about how much time can the herpes zoster dessapear?

my grandfather obteined this herpez the last week, he went to the doctor and than he has taking the medicine since 2 days ago.
in about how much time can this nasty herpez dessapear?

anywhere from 4 days to 3 weeks.  (+ info)

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