oscaroservice.com reviews


oscaroservice.com reviews

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The gear came very quick, and happy with the whole transaction process. Now I'm very aware of the placebo effect and how that can alter results and whatever else one would fret about and I'm a bit skeptical about the gear. I'm 5,8" and started the cycle at 205 and weight about 240 now. I'm doing a bulking cycle and I know that gp dbol is usually used for that, but I opted to take clen and was expecting alot incredible gains. I took the dbol for 6 weeks at 40mgs/day. I didn't notice any explosive strength gains, and on top of the tren ace and prop that I'm running at 500mgs each a week, I'm happy in my results. My bench has went up about 100lbs , but I'm going to run test e at 800/week instead and keep the testc at 500/week. I have terrible sleep at night which I hope is due to the teste but don't have any night sweats.

www.oscaroservice.com IS THE BEST!!! I ordered GP which i think is one of the most trusted best gear on the market right now. Always top notch, all ISN numbers match the GP site!! My order came in 9 days!!! Wrapped tight, very disgreet. Always a good deal with Naps, highy recommended!! Going to order some of GP orals, i havent had the pleasure of trying them but all i hear is good things!!

thank you oscaro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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