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• Take your prenatal vitamins each day.
• Check with your doctor or clinic before taking any medicines such as
prescriptions, over the counter medicines or herbals.
• Take only medicines prescribed by your doctor.
Smoking, Alcohol and Drugs
• Do not smoke and avoid being in the same room with people who are
• Do not drink alcohol or take drugs during your pregnancy.
Activity and Sleep
• Get plenty of rest. Try to get 8 hours of sleep.
• Rest throughout the day. It is best to lie on your left side.
• Exercise by walking, swimming or biking for 15-30 minutes each day.
• Learn and practice the exercises from your childbirth class.
• Avoid having x-rays while you are pregnant.
• Avoid paints (except latex), pesticides, sprays and other strong chemicals.
• Do not clean a cat litter box. Animal feces can harm your baby.
• Wash hands well after touching raw meat. Cook meat well.
• Wear seat belts low over your hips.
• Buy well fitting support bras.
• Share good or bad feelings about your pregnancy, your body changes and
having a baby with your partner, friends and family. Talk to your doctor
or nurse if you are having problems coping.
• Write down questions to ask your doctor or nurse. If needed, ask for more
information on breastfeeding, birth control to use after delivery or
choosing a doctor for your baby.
Appointments and Classes
• Make an appointment as soon as you think you are pregnant to start
prenatal care.
• Go to your regular prenatal check ups, even if you feel well. At the end of
your pregnancy your check ups will be every 1-2 weeks.