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Ankle Exercises
Begin ankle exercises as directed by your doctor or therapist. You may have
some soreness while exercising. If you have more than mild discomfort, stop
exercising. Apply ice to your ankle for 15 minutes after exercising. Do not
apply the ice directly to the skin. Do the exercises 3 times a day. If your
doctor put you in a boot, remove it to do the exercises. Call your doctor for
an appointment to check your ankle in 7-10 days.

Do only the exercises that are checked:
Letter Writing
Moving only your ankle and foot, write each
letter of the alphabet on the floor. Keep your leg
straight. Do not bend your knee or hip. The letter
will start small and get larger as your ankle
motion improves.

Ankle Pumps
Move your foot up and down as if pushing
down or letting up on a gas pedal in a car.
Repeat 10 times.