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• Call your doctor if your cast fits loosely. The cast can slide around
causing skin irritation.
• Exercise your fingers or toes. This improves blood flow and helps
• Use a nail file to file rough edges on your cast.
Do not scratch the skin under your cast with sharp or pointed objects.
Do not put pressure on any part of your cast or splint as it may break.
• Keep your cast or splint dry by putting a plastic bag over it when bathing.
• Use a hair dryer if your cast gets wet.
• Call your doctor or clinic to schedule an appointment to get your cast
removed after the bone has healed.
Call your doctor right away if:
• You have trouble breathing, chest pain or confusion.
• You have pain that does not go away.
• Your skin or nails of the injured hand or foot are blue, gray, cold or
• Your cast gets damaged or breaks.
• You have new stains or an odor coming from under the cast.
• You have swelling that makes your cast feel too tight.

Talk to your doctor or nurse if you have any questions or concerns.

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