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Brain Scan
A brain scan is a test that shows the activity and blood flow in your brain. A
small amount of radioactive dye is given and x-rays are taken. The dye
leaves your body after a few days.

If you have any allergies to medicines, foods or other things, tell the
staff before the test.

If you are breastfeeding, pregnant or think you might be, tell the staff
before the scan.

Arrive on time for your test.
Plan on being here about 2 hours for this test.
During the Test
• If you wear glasses, you will be asked to remove them.
• An IV (intravenous) is put in a vein in
your arm.
• Dye is put through the IV.
• You lie still for 10-15 minutes.
• You then wait for about an hour until
the dye gets to your brain.
• During the scan, you lie on a table.
The table slowly moves. Pictures are
taken for 20 minutes.

Test results are sent to your doctor. Your doctor will share the results with

Talk to your doctor or nurse if you have any questions or concerns.

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