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• You may feel muscles of the uterus tighten and relax. These are called
Braxton Hicks contractions and are preparing you for labor. Call your
if you have 4 or more contractions in 1 hour.
• Your sex drive may increase or decrease and change from week to week.
• You feel more involved with the baby growing inside of you. You may
think about things that can go wrong with your baby. Most women do.
Trimester: Weeks 28 to 40

Your Baby
• The brain and nervous system are growing quickly. The heartbeat may be
heard when another person places an ear on your abdomen. The lungs
continue to mature.
• Sleeping and waking times are definite. Kicking and stretching
movements are often felt.
• Your baby will be about:
 16 inches long and weigh 2½ to 3 pounds by week 32
 18 inches long and weigh 5½ pounds by week 36
 20 inches long and weigh 6½ to 7½ pounds by week 40
• Your baby’s eyes are open.
• The skin is smooth because fat begins to fill out the wrinkles.
• Your baby is active with patterns of sleep and wakefulness.
• By week 32, your baby may be mature enough to survive if it is born
• The baby may settle into a head down position. The baby may seem
quieter because there is less space to move.

Your Body
• You gain weight faster the last month.
• You may notice kicking against your ribs. Your stomach can be seen
moving as your baby moves.
• You may feel awkward and tire more easily. Light-headedness can occur
when you get up.
• Your feet, hands and ankles may swell. You may have back and leg
• Your breasts may leak milk.
• You may have trouble sitting or lying down for long periods of time.
• It is hard to sleep and get comfortable.