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A colposcopy is a test done to check your vagina and cervix for abnormal
cells. You may have a colposcopy if a pap smear shows cells that look
abnormal. The doctor uses a magnifying scope to check for abnormal tissue
of the vagina and cervix. A small tissue sample, called a biopsy, may be
removed to be checked in the lab.

Arrive on time for your test. The test takes about 15-20 minutes. Plan to
be here about 2 hours.
During the Test
You may wear a hospital gown.
You are helped onto the exam table. Lie down on your back and put your
feet in the stirrups.
The cervix is covered with a weak vinegar solution. This makes the
abnormal cells show up.
The doctor checks your vagina and cervix for abnormal cells.
If your doctor wants to take tissue samples from the vagina, you will feel
some pain or strong cramps. This will go away in about 1 minute.
Any bleeding is stopped with pressure and a chemical solution.

Your doctor or nurse will contact you in about 2 weeks with your test results
and to discuss treatment if needed.
Your Care at Home
• Do not have sexual intercourse, use tampons or douche for 24 hours.
• If you had a biopsy, you may have a small amount of bloody vaginal
discharge for a day. You may wear a pad.
• You may take a shower. Do not take a tub bath for 3 days. This increases
your chance for infection.
Call your doctor right away if you have:
• A large amount of bleeding where you soak a pad in an hour
• Severe abdominal cramps or pain
• Chills or fever of 101 degrees F or 38 degrees C
• Vaginal discharge that has an strange odor