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Emotional Changes After Giving Birth

After the birth of your baby, you may feel many emotions. You need time to
adjust to your body’s changes and to your baby’s needs. These changes can
make your emotions swing from happy to sad. This is normal. About half
of new moms have these feelings.
You may have one or more of these signs:
• Cry for no reason
• Feel restless or nervous
• Go from being happy to sad quickly
• Are easily irritated
• Have little patience
• Feel overwhelmed
• Have trouble thinking
• Not feel like eating
• Are tired and have little energy
• Have problems sleeping

These changes should go away in a few days or weeks as your body adjusts
and you get used to caring for your baby. Here are some things you can do
to help:
• Ask for and accept help.
• Rest or nap when your baby sleeps.
• Take a break and have someone care for your baby while you go out.
• Talk about your feelings with family and friends.
• Join a new mothers’ group.
• Exercise if your doctor says it is okay.
• Care for yourself. Read, take a bath, or watch a movie.
• Eat a healthy diet.
Danger Signs
Sometimes these signs do not go away or they get worse. You may need
more help. You may have a more serious problem if you:
• Are not able to care for yourself or your baby