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• When your baby opens her mouth wide like a yawn, pull your baby
closer. This allows you to help your baby get as much of the areola
inside your baby’s mouth.
• Hold your baby’s body against your stomach with the tip of your
baby’s nose and chin next to your breast. Continue to hold your
breast to support its weight and to prevent your nipple from falling
out of your baby’s mouth.
• Burp your baby before switching to your other breast. For the next
feeding, start on the side you ended with at the last feeding.
How often should I breastfeed?
Breastfeed every 2 to 3 hours during the day so that your baby may not
wake as often during the night for feedings. Fewer day feedings mean
that your baby will need more feedings at night. During the first 3
months, babies need to feed 8 to 10 times in a 24-hour period.
Breastfeeding often helps you make more milk and prevents your breasts
from becoming overfull or engorged.
How soon should I breastfeed after my baby is born?
Breastfeed right after delivery if possible. Continue to breastfeed your
baby every 2 to 3 hours even if your milk has not come in or you do not
have a lot of milk yet. In the early days of life, breastfeeding is very
important. Practice times together help you and your baby get to know
one another. Be patient with yourself and your baby.
How long should I breastfeed my baby?
Most babies will breastfeed for about 15 to 20 minutes the first 24 to 48
hours. After this time, the baby may want to breastfeed for 20 minutes
on one breast and continue for up to 20 minutes on the second breast. Let
your baby, rather than the clock, decide when he is finished.