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Holter Monitor
The Holter monitor is worn to record your heart rate for 24-48 hours.

Small pads called electrodes are placed on your chest and attached to a
monitor. The monitor is carried in your pocket or in a small pouch worn
around your neck.

You will be asked to record any symptoms you have while you wear the
monitor, such as:
• Feeling dizzy
• Feeling faint
• Heart beating fast
• Feeling skipped heart beats

Arrive on time for your appointment.
To Prepare
Shower or bathe before the start of the test. You will not be able to while
wearing the monitor.
During the Test
• For men, hair on your chest may need to be shaved to place the pads.
• Tell the staff if you are allergic to tape.
• The staff applies the pads and starts the monitor.
• Do not sleep with an electric blanket while you have the monitor on.
• Do your normal activities.
• If you have any symptoms while wearing the monitor:
─ Push the button to record the time.
─ Write down what you were doing, such as watching TV, walking or
─ Write down your symptoms, such as heart racing, dizzy or pain.
─ This lets your doctor compare your symptoms with your heart rate.
• When it is time to take the monitor off, gently take the pads off your
• Return the monitor with your written notes to the hospital or office as