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Home Care Instructions
After Surgery
These are common instructions for your care after surgery. Based on
your needs, your doctor may give you other instructions. Follow the
instructions given to you by your nurse or doctor.
If you go home within 24 hours of surgery:
You must have an adult drive you home from the hospital and stay
with you for 24 hours.
Rest for the first 24 hours. You may feel dizzy, lightheaded and tired.
This is common and should get better by the next day.
Do not drive, operate machinery or make important personal or legal
decisions or sign legal forms for 24 hours.
Take your medicines as ordered.
You may have pain after surgery. Take your pain medicines as
ordered. If your pain is not managed, your recovery will take longer.
It often helps to take pain medicine before activity or before the pain
gets too bad. If you pain gets worse or is not controlled with
medicine, call your doctor.
If you have diabetes, your blood sugar may be higher than normal
after surgery. You may need to check your sugar levels more often
and report them to your doctor. If your blood sugars are high, check
with your doctor to see if you should change any of your diabetes