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Staying active and walking help prevent
blood clots that can form after surgery.
To prevent blood clots, your doctor may
also have you do ankle pumps or other
exercises, wear special stockings or take
injections to thin your blood.
You may go up and down stairs. Take
them slowly and ask for help if needed.
Do not drive, return to work, resume
sexual activity, play sports or do heavy
activity until allowed by your doctor.
Diet and Bowels
It is common to have mild nausea or vomiting after surgery. If you
have nausea, start with clear liquids and light foods such as toast, rice
or noodles. Then you can eat your normal diet when the nausea goes
away. Avoid foods that cause you discomfort.
Do not drink alcoholic beverages for 24 hours after surgery or while
you are taking prescription pain medicine.
To help avoid constipation, eat fruits, vegetables and whole grains
and drink 6-8 glasses of water each day. Stool softeners or a mild
laxative may be needed if you do not have a bowel movement within
3 days after your surgery. Call your doctor for more instructions.