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Your uterus is removed. Your tubes and ovaries may also be
Any incisions are closed with stitches, staples or special tapes called
A bandage is put over the incisions.
After Surgery
In the Hospital
You are taken to the recovery room where you are watched closely
until you wake up and are doing well.
Your breathing, blood pressure and pulse are checked often.
If you are staying at the hospital, you will be taken to your room.
A pad will be placed between your legs in case you have vaginal
You also may have special stockings on your legs while you are in
bed to help prevent blood clots.
The staff may teach you how to cough, deep breathe and use an
incentive spirometer. An incentive spirometer is a device used to help
you take deep breaths. These exercises help open the airways of the
lungs and prevent pneumonia. If you have abdominal incisions, place
a pillow or a folded blanket over your incisions for support when
deep breathing or coughing. Do these exercises every 1 to 2 hours
while you are awake.