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Activity Limits
Limit your activities for 4-6 weeks.
Do not lift over 10 pounds for at least 2 weeks.
You may do light housework such as washing dishes and cooking.
Do not do strenuous activities, such as vacuuming
or exercising for at
least 2 weeks.
Do not drive for 2 weeks, but you can ride in a car for short trips.
Go up and down stairs slowly, one step at a time.
Take walks. Starting with short distances. Slowly increase how long
and fast you walk.
Other Issues
If your ovaries are taken out, you may have signs of menopause such
as hot flashes, vaginal dryness or mood changes.
It is common to have many feelings after surgery. You may feel sad,
fearful, nervous or angry. Share these feelings with your loved ones
and friends to help you cope as you recover. If the sadness does not
go away after a few weeks, talk to your doctor.
Your looks will not change after this surgery. There are no physical
changes except that you may have a scar from your incision.
Your surgery should not affect your ability to have sex or the way
you or your partner feel while having sex. Ask your doctor when you
may resume sexual activity and discuss any concerns you may have
about sex.
Call your doctor right away if you have:
Shaking, chills or a temperature over 101 degrees F
An incision that is swollen, red, has drainage or comes apart
Bleeding from your incisions
Pain, warmth or tenderness in your legs
Heavy vaginal bleeding, soaking 2 to 3 pads in one hour
Vaginal drainage with an odor