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Lung Cancer
The lungs are the organs that
help us breathe. They help to
give oxygen to all the cells in
the body.
Cancer cells are abnormal cells.
Cancer cells grow and divide
more quickly than healthy
cells. Some cancer cells may
form growths called tumors.
Lung cancer occurs when cells
in the lung change to become
abnormal. Lung cancer cells
may travel through the blood or
lymph system to another area
or organ in the body. This is
called metastasis.
Risk Factors
You are at increased risk for
lung cancer if you:
Breathe in other people’s
Have contact with asbestos, radon gas or a lot of air pollution
Have someone in your family who had lung cancer
Early lung cancer often causes no signs. See your doctor is you have any
of these signs:
Cough that does not go away
Coughing up blood