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□ If you can take time off to care for yourself or a family member.
□ What will happen if you stay home with ill family.
□ If you can work from home or if you are expected to come to work.
Understand you may be asked to stay home from work or come in and do
other tasks.
Plan for less or no income if you are unable to work or the company

If you own a business:
Make an emergency plan and talk to your employees about it. Test and revise
your plan as needed.
Decide which employees and supplies are needed to maintain the business.
Provide infection control supplies such as hand sanitizer, tissues and waste
cans for soiled items.
Look at how pandemic flu could impact the business’ finances, shipping and
Define your policies on employees working from home, caring for ill family
or paying for employee illness.
Step 2. Prepare an Emergency Kit

Have a 2 week supply of these items for each person and pet.

Food and Other Items
Water in clean, sealed plastic containers – store 1 gallon for each
person for each day
Ready to eat canned meats, fruits and vegetables
Manual can opener
Protein or fruit bars
Dry cereal, granola, nuts and crackers
Peanut butter
Dried foods such as dried fruit and dehydrated meals
Canned juices
Powdered milk or cans of evaporated milk
Cans or jars of baby food and baby formula
Pet food

Medical, Health and Emergency Items
Prescribed health supplies
Prescription medicines
Over the counter medicines to treat fever, pain, stomach problems,
coughs, colds and diarrhea