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Pelvic Fracture
A pelvic fracture is when 1 or more hipbones are cracked or broken.
Your hips or pelvis is made up of 5 bones. Many pelvic fractures are
caused by:
• Car accidents
• Falling from a great height
• Minor falls, injuries or sudden movement causing the muscle to tear
away a piece of the hipbone.
If you had an accident or other injury, you may have tests to see if you
have injuries to your other bones or organs.
Signs of a Pelvic Fracture
• Bruising and tenderness
• Swelling
• Numbness or tingling in your genital area or in your upper leg
• Discomfort or pain when you stand
Your Care
Your pelvic fracture may need to be fixed with surgery or by putting
pins into the bones from the outside. If you have other injuries, these
may also be fixed during surgery. After you leave the hospital, you may
• Blood thinner medicine to prevent blood clots
• To limit your activity for several months
• A cast, crutches or a walker to help your hip heal
• Physical therapy to help your bones heal better and strengthen your