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Plan for an Emergency
An emergency may be a tornado, house fire, flood or bombing. Plan ahead
to help protect you and your family and limit the effects of an emergency.

Use these three steps to prepare:
1. Make a plan for you and your family.
2. Prepare an emergency kit of supplies for your home, work and car.
3. Listen for information about what to do and where to go during an
Step 1. Make a Plan

Make an emergency plan for you and your family. Talk to your family about
this plan. Your family may need to stay home or they may need to leave to
go to a safer place. Decide how your family members will contact each
other. You may decide to have each member of your family contact one
person by phone or e-mail. An out of town contact may be best since a local
contact may also be involved in the disaster or local phone services may not
be working. Plan a meeting place for your family and how each person will
get there.

Your plan should also include:
An emergency phone and e-mail contact list. Share it with family
members, work, schools and child care centers.
Someone to care for your children at home in case you cannot be there or
you become ill.
A local and an out of town emergency contact.
Health information for each member of the family including date of
birth, blood type, allergies, past and current medical problems, current
medicines and dosages, medical equipment and copies of medical
insurance cards.
Doctors’ names and phone numbers.
Locations of hospitals near work, school and home and their phone
Locations of local and state health departments and their phone numbers.
Pharmacy name and phone number.
Religious or spiritual information.