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Step 2. Prepare an Emergency Kit

If an emergency happens, you may not be able to get food or water for days
or weeks and your electricity may not work. Keep emergency supplies in a
container that you can take with you if you need to leave home, such as a
large bag or plastic container. Check your supplies every few months for

Have a 3 day supply of these items for each person and pet.

Food and Other Items
Water in clean, sealed plastic containers – store one gallon for each
person and pet for each day
Ready to eat canned meats, fruits and vegetables
Manual can opener
Protein and fruit bars
Dry cereal, granola, nuts and crackers
Peanut butter
Dried foods such as dried fruits and dehydrated meals
Canned juices
Powdered milk or cans of evaporated milk
Cans or jars of baby food and baby formula
Pet food

Basic Supplies
Flashlight and extra batteries
Battery powered radio and extra batteries
Sleeping bags or blankets
Baby supplies such as diapers and bottles
Paper towels and a disinfectant cleaner or a cleaner with bleach. You can
mix your own water and bleach solution. Mix ten parts water with one
part bleach.
Tissues and toilet paper
Feminine hygiene supplies
Paper plates, plastic silverware and napkins
Matches in a waterproof container
Plastic sheets and heavy tape such as duct tape or electrical tape
Trash bags
Plastic bucket with tight lid
Prescription medicines