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Copies of important family documents stored in a waterproof container
including identification, health information for each family member,
insurance information and birth certificates
Extra batteries for equipment such as a wheelchair or hearing aids

First-aid Kit
Digital thermometer
Adhesive bandages in different sizes, two and four inch gauze pads,
triangular bandages and sterile rolled bandages
Bandage tape
Soap and alcohol-based hand sanitizer
Washcloths and moistened towelettes
Antibiotic ointment
Latex gloves
Scissors, tweezers, a needle and thread and safety pins
Cotton swabs
Over the counter medicines to treat fever, pain, stomach problems,
coughs, colds and diarrhea

If you need to leave your home, also include these supplies:
Clothes and sturdy shoes
Coats, hats, rain gear and gloves
Toothpaste, toothbrush and other toiletries
Prepaid, long-distance calling card
Keys for your car and house
Money and a credit card
Books, playing cards and board games

Car Supplies
Keep a small emergency supply kit in your car at all times with:
A flashlight with extra batteries
A sleeping bag or blanket
Road maps
First-aid supplies
Tire repair kit, jumper cables and flares
Step 3. Listen for Information

Local and state officials have plans to protect the public. Stay calm and
listen for reports on the television, radio or Internet. Have a radio with extra