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A laser beam may be used to make burns around the retinal tear or
hole. These burns cause scarring to secure the retina in place.
In cryopexy, intense cold is used to freeze the retina around the tear.
This freezes the area and causes a scar to develop. The scarring
secures the retina to the eye wall.
Treatment for retinal detachment
There are three types of surgeries used to treat retinal detachment. You
may need to have this done in a hospital.
Scleral buckling – a tiny band is attached to the outside of the back
of the eye to gently push the wall of the eye against the detached
Vitrectomy – a tiny incision is made in the eye. Gas is injected to
push the retina against the wall of the eye.
Pneumatic retinopexy –A bubble of expandable gas is injected.
Over several days, the gas bubble expands, eventually causing the
retina to reattach itself to the wall of the eye.
With all of these surgeries, either laser beam or cryopexy is used to
secure the retina back in place. It may take several months following
surgery to know how well your vision will improve. Results are best
when treatment occurs before retinal detachment.
Talk to your doctor about your questions and concerns.
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