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Vaginal Infection
A vaginal infection, also called vaginitis, is the irritation of the vagina that
causes changes in vaginal discharge, itching, odor and other signs.
Most women have some vaginal discharge. This discharge keeps the vagina
clean and moist. Normal discharge has a mild odor and should be clear,
white or yellow. It may leave a yellowish color on your underpants when it
dries. You may have a few days of heavy, clear, slippery discharge about
halfway between your monthly periods. This occurs when an ovary
releases an egg.
You may have one or more of these signs with a vaginal infection:
Change in the amount, color or odor of vaginal discharge
Itching or burning around the vagina
Burning when urinating
An urge to urinate more often
Sores or warts near the vaginal opening
Painful sexual intercourse
Chills or fever
Stomach or abdominal pain or cramping
Call your doctor if you have any signs of infection. Your doctor will do an
exam to find out the type of infection you have.
Types of Vaginal Infection
Yeast Infection
Yeast infections are caused by fungus. Vaginal discharge is thick, white
and looks like cottage cheese. There is a strong, but not foul odor. Yeast
infections can cause vaginal itching.