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Preventing Vaginal Infections
If you have a vaginal infection that keeps coming back, try these tips to
help prevent it:
Avoid spreading germs from the rectum to the vagina. After a bowel
movement, wipe from front to back, away from the vagina.
Clean the lips of the vagina well and keep the area as dry as possible.
Avoid irritating soaps or detergents, feminine hygiene sprays, perfumed
toilet paper or perfumed tampons.
Clean diaphragms and spermicidal applicators with hot soapy water and
rinse well.
Do not douche.
Using a douche can wash away good bacteria and cause you to have
more vaginal infections.
Your vaginal discharge will smell different during your monthly
cycle. This is normal. If you have an odor that does not go away after
washing, check with your doctor or nurse.
Douching after sexual intercourse does not prevent pregnancy.
Women who douche may have more of a chance of getting pelvic
inflammatory disease.
Avoid tight jeans, panties or panty hose without a cotton crotch, and
other clothing that can trap moisture.
Do not use home remedies. Home remedies only hide the problem.
Use condoms to protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases
Talk to your doctor or nurse if you have any questions or concerns.
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