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Wearing a Shoulder Sling
A shoulder sling is used to support your arm after injury or surgery. It may
also be used to limit movement or to raise the arm to reduce pain and
When to Wear the Sling
All the time until your follow up appointment.
As you need for comfort.
During the day.
At night while you sleep.
Remove your sling each day to wash your arm or to do your exercises.
Putting on the Sling

Your sling will have:
• A strap that fits over your shoulder and back
• A pouch or pocket to hold your elbow and lower

How to put on the sling:
1. Start by sliding the closed end of the sling over your
hand on the injured side.
2. Fit the sling on your arm so your elbow is back in
the pocket as far it can go.
3. The long strap of the sling should go from the back
of your injured arm, across your back to
your other shoulder and down your chest.
If you are not able to work the strap
around, you may attach the strap to the
fastener and then lift the strap over your
head to the opposite shoulder.
4. Attach the long strap to the fastener on
the sling near your wrist.