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Weight Loss with Cancer Treatment
Sometimes patients lose weight with cancer treatments. This weight loss
may be due to the effects of cancer treatment on your body or because you
are eating less. Talk to your doctor about your side effects. There may be
medicine to help you. Eating healthy meals and drinking liquids will help
you feel better during treatment.

Try these tips to manage weight loss:

• Eat food high in calories and protein such as peanut butter, whole milk,
milkshakes, meats and cheeses.
• Eat your favorite foods any time of the day.
• Eat your largest meal when you are most hungry during the day.
• Add butter or margarine to soup and gravy or sauces on meat.
• Use whole milk or cream in cereal, pureed vegetables, soup or sauces.
• Add cheese to casseroles, potatoes, vegetables, eggs or sandwiches.
• Use cream cheese or sour cream as dips, spreads or toppings.

Talk to your doctor, nurse or dietitian about dealing with any eating
roblems you may have.

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