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Amniocentesis is a test of amniotic fluid. This fluid is around your baby in
your uterus. The doctor will remove a small sample of the fluid with a
needle. This test checks your baby for birth defects.

There are some risks with this test.
• A leak or infection of the amniotic fluid
• The needle touching the baby
• Early delivery
• Miscarriage
Arrive on time for your test. Plan on this test taking about 1 hour.
During the Test
• You will wear a hospital gown.
• You lie on your back with your
stomach uncovered.
• Your stomach is washed.
• Your doctor uses ultrasound to
see your baby and find safe
pockets of amniotic fluid. An
ultrasound is a picture of your
baby using sound waves.
• Your doctor may numb the skin where the needle goes in. You may feel
a sting.
• When the needle enters the uterus, you may feel cramping.
• The doctor takes out a small sample of the fluid and removes the needle.
The needle is in for less than 1 minute.