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─ Clear drinks such as lemon-lime soda, Kool-aid or sport drinks
─ Coffee or tea without milk or nondairy creamer
─ Jello or popsicles
• Between 10 AM and 5 PM:
─ Drink four, 8 ounce or 240 ml glasses of water.
• At 1 PM:
─ Pour the whole, 10 oz. bottle of Magnesium Citrate over ice and drink
─ Take 2 Biscodyl (Dulcolax) tablets.
• At 5 PM:
─ Take 2 more Biscodyl (Dulcolax) tablets with 8 ounces or 240 ml of
• You will need to use the toilet often during the afternoon and evening.
• After midnight:
─ Do not eat or drink anything, including water.
The Morning of Your Test
If you are to take medicine, take with sips of water only.
During the Test
• You will wear a hospital gown.
• You lie on an x-ray table below a machine that looks like a TV.
• A tube is put into your rectum. The doctor watches as a barium mixture
and some air flows through the tube into your colon. You are asked to
roll on your side during the test.
• You may feel cramping and pressure. Take slow deep breaths through
your mouth to help you relax.
• X-rays are taken. You will be asked to hold your breath at times.
• The tube will be removed. You will be taken to a toilet to empty the
barium and air mixture from your colon.
• Another x-ray may be taken to finish your test.