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Crutch Walking
Using Your Crutches Safely
• Adjust the crutches for your height. The top of the crutch
should be 1-2 inches below your armpit.
• Be sure that the pads and grips are in place.
• Clean the tips of the crutches to make sure that they are free of
dirt and stones.
• Remove throw rugs in your home to avoid falls.
• Make sure the pressure or weight goes on your hands and not
on your armpits.
• Keep your elbows close to your sides.
• Place your crutch tips 2-3 inches or 5-8 cm out to the side of
your feet and 3-6 inches or 8-15 cm in front of your toes.
• Have a slight bend in your elbow when holding onto the
• Do not walk too fast.
• Keep your head up and look ahead. Do not look at your feet
when walking. Check your balance often.
• You must pick up your crutches and injured leg more when you
walk on carpet than when you walk on tile or smooth floors.
On your injured leg, your doctor has ordered:
(Do only what is
Do not let your foot touch the floor when standing or walking.
Touch your toe on the ground to help your balance but do not put weight on it.
Touch your foot on the ground but do not put weight on it.
Your doctor or therapist will tell you how much weight you can put on the leg.
Put as much weight on the leg as you can comfortably.
Put all your weight on the leg.