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Standing Up
1. Hold both crutches on your injured side.
2. Slide to the edge of the chair.
3. Lean forward and push down on the arm of the chair
on your good side to stand up.
4. Check your balance. Follow instructions about how
much weight to put on your injured leg.
5. Put the crutches under your arms.
Sitting Down
1. Back up to the chair until you feel the chair on the backs of your legs.
2. Put both crutches in your hand on the injured side.
3. Reach back for the chair with your other hand.
4. Lower yourself slowly into the chair, bending at the hips.
Walking with Crutches
1. Put crutches under your arms and press them into your side.
2. Move the crutches ahead of you 6 to 12 inches.
3. Push down on the handgrips as you step up to the crutches with your injured leg
• Do not try to climb stairs or curbs until you can use the crutches well.
• For safety reasons, you can sit down and scoot up and down the steps on your
bottom if needed.
• If you have a rail, put both crutches under one arm and hold onto the rail for safety.