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Going Upstairs
• Have someone stand behind you to help you as needed.
• Keep the crutches on the stair you are standing.
• Support your weight between your crutches.
• Bring your good leg up to the next step. Let the
injured leg trail behind.
• Straighten your good leg and bring the crutches
and your injured leg up.
Going Downstairs
1. Put the crutches on the lower step while putting
your injured foot forward.
2. Support your weight between your crutches.
3. Move your good foot to the lower step.
Getting Into and Out of a Car
• Have someone open the door and move the seat back as far as
they can.
• Back up until you feel the edge of the seat. Grab the seat with
one hand and the handgrips of the crutches with the other.
• Tip your head to avoid bumping it. Stand up or sit down
using your good leg to bear your weight.
• To sit down, put the heel of your good leg on the car frame
and push back. Move across the seat until your injured leg
can be swung into the car.

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