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Sigmoidoscopy is a test of the rectum and
lower part of the large intestine called the
sigmoid colon. Your doctor will use a tube to
look at the inside of your rectum and colon.
You will need to empty your colon before the
Arrive on time for your test. Plan on being
here for about 1 hour. The test takes about 15
To Prepare
• Ask your doctor if you should take your
medicine the morning of the test.
• Before the test, tell the staff:
─ About any medicines you are taking.
Include all prescription and over-the-
counter medicines, vitamins and herbs
you use.
─ If you have any allergies.
─ About your health history and any
surgeries you have had.
─ If you may be pregnant.
• Buy two Fleets enemas at your local pharmacy.
Three hours before your test
Do not eat solid foods or drink milk products. Drink clear liquids until
after the test.
• Clear liquids to drink: