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Ask for written information about a vaccine from your child’s doctor or
After Getting a Vaccine

Some children will be fussy, have redness and swelling where the shot was
given, or a fever. This is normal. Call your child’s doctor right away if
your child has any of these problems:
• A fever taken under the arm over 100 degrees F or 38 degrees C
• Seizures or muscle spasms
• Trouble waking from sleep
• Constant crying for more than 3 hours
Vaccine Record

Bring your child’s vaccine record with you each time you visit your child’s
doctor or your local health department. Keep your child’s vaccine record so
you will have it for:
• Women, Infants and Children (WIC) visits, a food aid program
• Head Start, a preschool program
• Day Care
• School
• College

Talk to your child’s doctor or nurse if you have any questions or

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