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1Aortic Valve Insufficiency100+ 
2Aortic Valve Stenosis18+ 
3Tricuspid Valve Insufficiency14+ 
4Mitral Valve Insufficiency14+ 
5Uterine Cervical Incompetence10+ 
6Pulmonary Valve Insufficiency10+ 
7Heart Valve Diseases9+ 
8Velopharyngeal Insufficiency7+ 
10Aortic Aneurysm6+ 
11Microscopic Polyangiitis6+ 
12Coronary-Subclavian Steal Syndrome5+ 
13Rheumatic Diseases4+ 
14Venous Insufficiency4+ 
15Endocarditis, Bacterial4+ 
16Rheumatic Heart Disease4+ 
17Aortic Valve Prolapse3+ 
18Mitral Valve Stenosis3+ 
19Mitral Valve Prolapse2+ 
20Heart Failure2+ 
21Prosthesis Failure2+ 
23Heart Defects, Congenital2+ 
24Pulmonary Alveolar Proteinosis2+ 
25Pulmonary Valve Stenosis1+ 
26Bardet-Biedl Syndrome1+ 
27Heart Septal Defects, Ventricular1+ 
28Heart Injuries1+ 
29Adrenal Insufficiency1+ 
32Heart Aneurysm1+ 
33Aortic Rupture1+ 
34Dilatation, Pathologic1+ 
35Heart Murmurs1+ 
36Thoracic Injuries1+ 
37Prosthesis-Related Infections1+ 
38Wounds, Nonpenetrating1+ 
39Aortic Diseases1+ 
40Speech Disorders1+ 
41Staphylococcal Infections1+ 
42Aortic Stenosis, Subvalvular1+ 
43Hypertrophy, Left Ventricular1+ 
44Heart Diseases1+ 
45Tricuspid Valve Stenosis1+ 
46Acute Disease1+ 
47Takayasu Arteritis1+ 
48Ventricular Dysfunction, Left1+ 

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