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1Bronchogenic Cyst100+ 
3Carcinoma, Bronchogenic13+ 
4Mediastinal Cyst5+ 
5Esophageal Cyst3+ 
6Epidermal Cyst3+ 
7Arachnoid Cysts2+ 
8Ovarian Cysts2+ 
9Bone Cysts2+ 
10Otorhinolaryngologic Diseases2+ 
11Dermoid Cyst2+ 
12Synovial Cyst1+ 
13Lung Neoplasms1+ 
14Bronchial Diseases1+ 
15Central Nervous System Cysts1+ 
16Mediastinal Diseases1+ 
17Pancreatic Cyst1+ 
18Respiratory Sounds1+ 
19Follicular Cyst1+ 
20Mesenteric Cyst1+ 
21Tracheal Diseases1+ 

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