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1Skull Fractures100+ 
2Femoral Fractures34+ 
3Fractures, Ununited33+ 
4Humeral Fractures19+ 
5Fractures, Comminuted17+ 
6Hip Fractures17+ 
7Fractures, Closed16+ 
8Tibial Fractures15+ 
9Fractures, Open12+ 
10Spinal Fractures11+ 
11Shoulder Fractures9+ 
12Radius Fractures9+ 
13Ulna Fractures8+ 
14Rib Fractures8+ 
15Fractures, Malunited7+ 
16Fractures, Spontaneous5+ 
17Fractures, Compression4+ 
18Fractures, Stress3+ 

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