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1Leg Ulcer100+ 
2Varicose Ulcer15+ 
4Skin Ulcer7+ 
5Stomach Ulcer6+ 
6Duodenal Ulcer5+ 
7Foot Ulcer5+ 
8Peptic Ulcer3+ 
9Corneal Ulcer3+ 
10Pressure Ulcer3+ 
11Peptic Ulcer Perforation3+ 
12Peptic Ulcer Hemorrhage2+ 
13Venous Insufficiency2+ 
14Chronic Disease2+ 
15Oral Ulcer2+ 
17Werner Syndrome1+ 
18Diabetic Foot1+ 
19Sex Chromosome Disorders of Sex Development1+ 
20Restless Legs Syndrome1+ 
21Leg Injuries1+ 
22Pyoderma Gangrenosum1+ 
23Polycythemia Vera1+ 
24Wound Infection1+ 
25Spherocytosis, Hereditary1+ 
26Arthritis, Rheumatoid1+ 
27Buruli Ulcer1+ 

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