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1Mammary Neoplasms, Experimental100+ 
2Mammary Neoplasms, Animal92+ 
3Pancreatic Neoplasms3+ 
4Skin Neoplasms3+ 
5Brain Neoplasms2+ 
6Neoplasms, Multiple Primary2+ 
7Lung Neoplasms2+ 
8Neoplasms, Cystic, Mucinous, and Serous2+ 
9Ovarian Neoplasms1+ 
11Kidney Neoplasms1+ 
13Cattle Diseases1+ 
14Bites and Stings1+ 
15Head and Neck Neoplasms1+ 
16Dog Diseases1+ 
17Liver Neoplasms1+ 
18Neoplasms, Second Primary1+ 
19Neoplasm Recurrence, Local1+ 
20Neoplasm Metastasis1+ 
21Bone Neoplasms1+ 
22Breast Neoplasms1+ 
23Soft Tissue Neoplasms1+ 
24Parotid Neoplasms1+ 
25Neoplasm Invasiveness1+ 
26Animal Diseases1+ 
27Cat Diseases1+ 
28Neoplasms, Glandular and Epithelial1+ 
29Uterine Neoplasms1+ 
30Thyroid Neoplasms1+ 
31Nose Neoplasms1+ 
32Stomach Neoplasms1+ 
33Testicular Neoplasms1+ 
34Neoplasms, Complex and Mixed1+ 
36Mediastinal Neoplasms1+ 
37Colonic Neoplasms1+ 
38Peritoneal Neoplasms1+ 
39Sweat Gland Neoplasms1+ 
40Laryngeal Neoplasms1+ 
41Neoplasms, Germ Cell and Embryonal1+ 
42Salivary Gland Neoplasms1+ 
43Abdominal Neoplasms1+ 

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