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1Q Fever100+ 
3Endocarditis, Bacterial7+ 
4Pneumonia, Rickettsial7+ 
5Trench Fever6+ 
6Communicable Diseases6+ 
7Fever of Unknown Origin5+ 
8Prosthesis-Related Infections4+ 
9Aneurysm, Infected3+ 
11Relapsing Fever3+ 
12Chronic Disease3+ 
13Typhoid Fever2+ 
14Acute Disease2+ 
15Familial Mediterranean Fever2+ 
16Rheumatic Fever1+ 
17Boutonneuse Fever1+ 
18Lassa Fever1+ 
19Sheep Diseases1+ 
20Yellow Fever1+ 
21Tick-Borne Diseases1+ 
22Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever1+ 
23Hemorrhagic Fever with Renal Syndrome1+ 
24Pregnancy Complications, Infectious1+ 

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