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1Riboflavin Deficiency100+ 
2Vitamin B 12 Deficiency4+ 
3Vitamin A Deficiency2+ 
4Vitamin B Deficiency2+ 
5Vitamin D Deficiency2+ 
6Vitamin K Deficiency1+ 
7Anemia, Megaloblastic1+ 
8Vitamin E Deficiency1+ 
9Folic Acid Deficiency1+ 
10Deficiency Diseases1+ 
11Anemia, Pernicious1+ 
12Bulbar Palsy, Progressive1+ 
13Metabolism, Inborn Errors1+ 
14Anemia, Macrocytic1+ 
15alpha 1-Antitrypsin Deficiency1+ 
16IgA Deficiency1+ 

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