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1Tooth Avulsion100+ 
3Root Resorption14+ 
4Tooth, Supernumerary7+ 
5Tooth, Impacted6+ 
6Fused Teeth6+ 
7Tooth Loss5+ 
8Tooth, Unerupted4+ 
9Tooth Abnormalities4+ 
10Tooth, Nonvital4+ 
11Hip Dislocation4+ 
12Tooth Mobility4+ 
13Tooth Discoloration4+ 
14Tooth Ankylosis3+ 
15Tooth Injuries3+ 
16Tooth Eruption, Ectopic2+ 
17Tooth Migration2+ 
18Tooth Erosion2+ 
19Tooth Abrasion2+ 
20Tooth Resorption2+ 
21Knee Dislocation2+ 
22Fractures, Bone2+ 
23Tooth Wear2+ 
24Hip Dislocation, Congenital2+ 
25Patellar Dislocation1+ 
26Finger Injuries1+ 
27Tooth Attrition1+ 
29Tendon Injuries1+ 
30Wrist Injuries1+ 
31Multiple Trauma1+ 
32Knee Injuries1+ 
34Dental Caries1+ 
35Athletic Injuries1+ 
36Cracked Tooth Syndrome1+ 
37Amputation, Traumatic1+ 
38Alveolar Bone Loss1+ 
39Periapical Periodontitis1+ 
40Periodontal Diseases1+ 
41Dental Enamel Hypoplasia1+ 
42Joint Instability1+ 

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