Short examples

  • Case 1: Hippel-Lindau disease (try)

    The patient presents various neoplasms including retinal hemangioblastoma, renal and pancreatic cysts, and hemangioma of the spinal cord.
  • Case 2: Eye Infections, Viral (try)

    Severe inflammation in various parts of the eye: conjunctiva, iris, eyelids, etc.
  • Case 3: Myocardial Infarction (try)

    Respiratory insufficiency associated with chest pain for months or longer. Overweight.
  • Case 4: Anorexia (try)

    Dramatic weight loss. Frequent skipping of meals, with excuses for not eating. Eating only a few foods, especially those low in fat and calories. Decreased sexual desire.

Detailed histories

Longer and detailed patient histories and diagnoses can be found in: University of Pittsburgh (School of Medicine, Department of Pathology)

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