That portion of the body that lies between the thorax and the pelvis.


Anatomy <b>Abdomen</b> Tiesworks.jpg

Anatomy Abdomen Tiesworks.jpg

Picture of the <b>Abdomen</b>

Picture of the Abdomen

<b>Abdomen</b>-periumbilical region.

Abdomen-periumbilical region.

File:<b>Abdomen</b> between pages 4

File:Abdomen between pages 4

Normal external <b>abdomen</b>

Normal external abdomen

"NATOM VIEWER" format images

"NATOM VIEWER" format images

<b>Abdomen</b> conditions and

Abdomen conditions and

Lower <b>Abdomen</b> Female Anatomy

Lower Abdomen Female Anatomy

Symptoms and diagnosis



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