Unicellular or multicellular, heterotrophic organisms, that have sensation and the power of voluntary movement. Under the older five kingdom paradigm, Animalia was one of the kingdoms. Under the modern three domain model, Animalia represents one of the many groups in the domain Eukarya.


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<b>Animals</b> & Habitats
Animals & Habitats

The World's Rarest <b>Animals</b>
The World's Rarest Animals

fantastic <b>animals</b> photos
fantastic animals photos

Wild <b>Animals</b> Mates
Wild Animals Mates

Weird <b>animals</b> | Pic | Gear
Weird animals | Pic | Gear

Weird <b>animals</b> | Pic | Gear
Weird animals | Pic | Gear

The <b>animals</b> are usually
The animals are usually

newest wild <b>animals</b> wallpaper
newest wild animals wallpaper

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